MPS engages new Canadian Partnership – Yakum Consulting

MPS engages new Canadian Partnership – Yakum Consulting

MPS executes partnership agreement to support technology commercialisation in Canada

MPS is pleased to announce that it has executed a cooperative agreement with Yakum Consulting Inc based in Toronto Canada. Yakum Consulting principals, Dr.Peter Kondos and Dr. Yeonuk Choi, formerly senior technology executives with Barrick Gold, will work closely with MPS to identify and progress opportunities in Canada for MPS’s GlyLeachTM and GlyCatTM technologies.

In signing the agreement, Yakum CEO, Peter Kondos, has commented that glycine technology has the potential to transform processing in the mining industry and produce commodities in an environmentally responsible manner and Yakum is excited in creating this partnership with MPS to explore, develop and implement this fascinating technology.

MPS Managing Director indicated that MPS was excited in setting up a partnership with Peter and Yeonuk who were well respected professionals within the global mining industry and have hard won experience in the implementation of innovation and new technology. Our partnership with them will leverage this vast experience.

The agreement allows for Yakum to work directly with Canadian organisations interested in testing and piloting their ores, wastes and concentrates. MPS will support Yakum by leveraging its knowledge gained from over four years of testing and piloting in Australia.