We are located at the Australian Minerals Research Centre in Perth with a collaborative agreement with CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) that allows us the opportunity to draw on world class hydrometallurgical capabilities and mineral analytical facilities when needed.

Curtin University, Western Australian School of Mines

Through our licensing agreement with Curtin University for the Glycine leaching process, we have ongoing support and access to the latest research being progressed.

We are a partner in a global agency with Innovat Mineral Processing Solutions, Canada and Mineria & Technologias 2R (MinTec2R), Chile. This alliance allows greater reach and support to clients from all around the world.

Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia

MPS is both a sponsor and researcher for an Industry and Mineral Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) funded 2 year Project optimising heap leaching using Glycine.

Mining3 and MRIWA Project M519

MPS is a sponsor and technical contributor to MRIWA Project M519 – In Situ Leaching (ISL). This is an industry wide collaborative research project with 10 industry sponsors aiming to advance ISL in hard rock formations. The project is being managed by Mining3 with MRIWA funding support. MPS is also working collaboratively with Mining3 to develop and demonstrate In-Mine Leaching concepts for base and precious metals where new methods are being sought to fragment the rock from underground, and with minimal rock movement, leach the ore in place under unsaturated conditions. The method is particularly focussed at marginal and difficult to access ores within underground mines.


MPS is an associate sponsor of the Future Batteries Industry Co-operative Research Centre (FBI CRC). This is a $50m+ 6 year collaborative research initiative to progress the future batteries industry. MPS has specific interests in novel extraction and processing of Nickel and Cobalt, to supply the battery market.

Innovat Mineral Processing Solutions, Burlington (Canada)

MPS is the exclusive Australasian agent for Innovat Mineral Processing Solutions (Canada) Continuous Vat Leaching technology. Our brochure for this technology can be viewed on the brochures page under resources.

Hazen Research, Denver (USA)

MPS has established a Certified Laboratory Partner Agreement with Hazen Research Laboratories that licenses Hazen to undertake independent amenability testing and piloting of the GlyLeach™ and GlyCat™ processes.

MinTech2R, Santiago (Chile)

Mintec2R is MPS’s agent for the GlyLeach™ and GlyCat™ technologies in South America. MinTec2R operates a metallurgical laboratory in Santiago that undertakes amenability testing of the GlyLeach™ and GlyCat™ processes.